About Sapelo Labradors and Havanese


Sapelo Labradors and Havanese is a small kennel located in western North Carolina.  My goal in breeding is to produce sound, healthy Labs and Havs with calm, friendly temperaments.  I show my dogs, and carefully plan each breeding with the intent of keeping one or more of the pups to show and possibly to add to my breeding program.

I have been guided in setting up my kennel and in selecting my Labs by Carol Heidl, Shannon Carlton, Kathy DeVito and Jenny Eppinga.  They have all been generous in sharing their knowledge of Labs, showing and breeding with me.  Jenny encouraged me to try showing and has introduced me to many wonderful Lab people.  Carol and Shannon have shared two wonderful bitches with me and have been helpful with their advice and encouragement.  Shannon and Kathy have helped me learn how to show my dogs and generously shared their knowledge of Labs.  Thanks to all of these ladies for their generosity and friendship.

A couple of years after I got involved in breeding and showing Labs, my sister Dana introduced me to Havanese, a breed which originated in Cuba and was first brought to the US in the 1950s. To my surprise and delight, a woman, Nancy Holmes, who had been breeding and showing Havanese for many years lived near me in North Carolina, and she sold me my first dog of that breed. Tillie was also the first small dog I had shared my home with and she has become my constant companion and shadow. With Nancy's help and advice, shown and bred Tillie, and I have since added 2 of her pups, Piper and Tiger, to my pack. These dogs are delightfully playful and tough, and try their best to exert dominance over the Labs, with mixed success. In general, the Labs ignore them even when their ears or tails are being nipped or when their food is being stolen from under their noses. In many ways the Havanese personality is similar to that of the Lab.

My kennel name, Sapelo, comes from the Georgia barrier island of that name, where I lived and worked for over 20 years.  As a research scientist with the University of Georgia, I studied salt marsh and estuarine ecology.  For information on Sapelo, click here.  I got my first Labrador Retriever while on Sapelo, and raised 2 litters of puppies there.  After a move to the main campus of UGA in Athens, GA, I decided that I wanted to breed quality Lab puppies as a hobby and retirement activity.  Little did I know that I would soon be living with 9 dogs!

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