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Available dogs and puppies


I sometimes have adults or older puppies available to the right pet home. 

Puppies are sold on AKC Limited Registration.  I give a 72 hour health guarantee during which the new owner should take the puppy to their own vet.  If a problem turns up during that time that would prevent the puppy from being a suitable pet, the puppy can be returned for a full refund.  I do eye, hip and elbow clearances on all my breeding stock, and will do additional tests if they are indicated in order to make sure that my dogs are of breeding quality.  I carefully select the dogs I breed to in an effort to be as certain as possible that the puppies my dogs produce are sound, healthy and free of eye problems. 

Older dogs and puppies are sold for a reduced price with a modified health guarantee. They will be crate-trained, leash-trained and have some basic obedience training.  Dogs older than one year will be spayed or neutered.

I sometimes have show quality pups or older dogs available, usually to people I know well.  If you are looking for a show quality puppy of my breeding, please contact me.

I currently have a yellow male pup whelped May 8, 2013 available to a pet home.

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